Become an art collector

The Naturschutzbund Burgenland has started an outstanding NATURE and ART project together with ’Austrian Wind Power’ and the local newspapers of the Burgenland. The net proceeds resulting from the sale of hand signed, limited and numbered art prints based upon the ideas of the famous artist Sepp Laubner from the Burgenland are used for the preservation of ecologically valuable pieces of land in the Burgenland.

For example the Rudi Triebl-Wiese, a semi-dry grassland near the vineyard at Rechnitz and the Winkelwiesen, wet meadows near Urbersdorf and Strem could be bought. This year the Naturschutzbund also plans to purchase additional lean meadows and dry grassland on the Kleinhalbjoch near Stotzing (about 2 ha) and near the vineyard at Rechnitz (about 0.6 ha). We would like to thank all the 120 people who have bought art prints so far very much for their help.

If you also want to support this project, then order one of these valuable art prints at a price of Euro 100.00 at the Naturschutzbund-Office, Esterhazystraße 15, 7000 Eisenstadt, under +43/664/8453048 (Ms. Elisabeth Wuketich) or +43/664/8453047 (Mr. Klaus Michalek) or under This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it